CodeChef-VIT is made not by its projects, its events or the hackathons, but by its people. Here is the team behind this vision who are the current torch bearers of the chapter for the 2021-22 term.

2021 Board

Jugal Bhatt


Rakshit Maggon

Vice Chairperson

Shivam Mehta

Technical Chairperson

Aditya Beri

General Secretary

Nishchay Jain

Events & Publicity Director

Manav Deep Singh Lamba

Operations & HR Director

Harshini Raju

Finance Director

Ishan Khandelwal

Projects Lead

Apoorva Srivastava

Design & Media Head

Siddharth Singh

App Lead

Sarthak Bharadwaj

Web & Competitive Lead

Kabir Wadhwa

Research Lead

Muskan Agarwal

Outreach Lead

Vinayak Gupta

Tech Advisor

Tanmay Bansal

Competitive Coding Guide