Our Leaders

Kunal Chaudhary


Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example. True to these words, he stands with zeal to achieve his vision of making CodeChef-VIT a chapter to be remembered. His unique way of mentoring brings the entire team together and forms a bond to be cherished for a lifetime.


Rajat Sablok

Vice Chairperson (Management)

Mechanical guy turned developer turned Vice Chair of a technical chapter, Rajat Sablok , with his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and zeal to strive for perfection, who might one day change the dating scene in the campus forever with his app; brings more to the table with his technical and management skills than one can fathom.

Akshat Gupta

Akshat Gupta

Vice Chairperson (Technical)

An epitome of all round technical and management skills, he is known for the websites he builds , projects he undertakes and hacks he triumphs. With numerous feathers in his hat, he is outgoing and makes sure to address any and all technical concerns and queries one can possibly have in and out of his domain. Proudly presenting our Vice Chair, technical, Akshat Gupta.

Muskan Tewari

Muskan Tewari

General Secretary

The members , the vision and the culture make CodeChef-VIT. Her adaptability to organise and operate all of them with perfection, make her the general secretary. The mastermind behind our flagship GraVITas event, presenting our Gensec for the 2020-21 term, Muskan Tewari.

Ishan Gupta

Ishan Gupta

Operations & HR Director

Be it organizing technical sessions, orchestrating events and workshops or internal and external conflict resolution, calling him an all-rounder would be an understatement. He always seems to have his hands full with something or the other and has all the tricks in the book that make him a great developer, mentor, coordinator and a leader. Presenting Operations and HR director, Ishan Gupta.

Nishi Jain

Nishi Jain

Events Director

Publicity and Events are the two cornerstones that make CodeChef-VIT one of the campus' most deemed and reputed chapters. Her dedication is just what inspires our events to take greater strides and achieve greater heights. Nishi Is The Best pick one could have for the Events and Publicity Director.

Vansh Goel

Vansh Goel

Research Lead

A clarity of learning objectives becomes vital for all the members of a team to ensure that they are on the same page and get a chance to update the appropriate skills they possess with time. Armed and entrusted with this very endeavour, we proudly present, Vansh as the Research Lead of CodeChef-VIT.


Dipto Chakrabarty

Projects Lead

"The Jack of all traits is the master of none". It is clear that whoever said this never ran into our projects lead, Dipto. Be it DevOps, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing or back-end and server development, being dextrous in more domains than one can count is what makes him the 'best fit' for this model named CodeChef-VIT.


Shreya Chatterjee

Finance Director

If one wants to know the functioning of any and all internal institutions catering to clubs and chapters in our college, look no further than our finance director. With finance office practically being her second home, she is well versed with all financial chops that help maintain our ever depleting treasury and keep our accounts clean. Presenting, Shreya.


Kshitiz Verma

Competitive Coding Head

While others are content with gazing the stars from a distance, he believes in collecting them. Whilst others crave sweets, he is out there piling up laddus. In a race against time and himself, he believes in finding better solutions and then surpassing them every single time. Presenting our Competitive Coding Head, Kshitiz.


Devang Pandey

Design and Media Director

A fantastic designer, and a better CS-GO player , the creator of some of our most celebrated designs and event posters and the campus ambassador of 'free hackathons' ; he has proven his mettle in each and every design task that has been thrown his way and hence we are proud to present our Design and Media head Devang 'lmao' Pandey


Anuj Kapoor

App Lead

In the never ending race in programmers striving to build bigger and better idiot proof programs and the universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. Our app lead is well known for being abreast with all technical know how's , so as to provide the best possible solutions for the worst possible problems. Presenting Anuj, App Lead , CodeChef-VIT.


Navyaa Sharma

Web Master

When most of us are busy organising competitions, she is out there winning them. Being the over-achiever of the group, her CGPA draws parallels with Lord Voldemort himself, unconquerable and 'something that should not be named'. We proudly present our Web Development Lead, Navyaa Sharma


Priyank Kaushik

Logistics & Outreach Director

Often found caught in the dilemma between Gate 1 and 3, he is someone to whom creativity comes naturally and is a dedicated worker urf an efficient leader; responsible for some of CodeChef-VIT's most memorable events last GraVITas. We proudly present Priyank Kaushik as our Logistics and Outreach Director.


Anmol Pant

Editorial Head

Friendly, jovial and creative: he is extremely well-versed with words, enough to make you go crazy. Experienced in technical as well as non-technical content writing, he is the fierce competition Shashi Tharoor fears. We proudly present Anmol Pant, our Editorial Head.